Corporate Social Responsibility

From Napa Plaza Hotel with love

As part of our ‘Give from your heart’ social responsibility commitment, Napa Plaza Hotel has organised for the 6th time it’s annual lunch for the members and staff of Apostolos Pavlos center.

The lunch was hosted at Cloisters restaurant in the presence of our staff and owners where we enjoyed an intimate time with the children and adults of the centre and handed our annual donation in support of the centre.

It is always a pleasure to welcome and host in our hotel such exemplary community members as they bring happiness and kindness to our premises and staff.

 We want to thank them for their visit and express our gratitude towards our guests who support this blessed cause. 

Take away lunch to ‘Apostolos Pavlos center’ – 2021

As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility program of Napa Plaza Hotel, the 7th of September we donated meals to «Apostolos Pavlos Centre for Children with special needs» in memory of Mr. Georgios Siakkas.

Social evening at Soma Ritual Lounge – 2019

Local entrepreneurs, hotel managers, the hotel’s suppliers and associates, representatives of local authorities and government bodies were invited on the 27th of September, Friday, to join our 4th consecutive cocktail event at Soma Ritual Lounge which is part of our hotel’s corporate social responsibility.

Charity Exhibition for ‘Apostolos Pavlos’ Centre – 2019

As every year, Napa Plaza, on the 6th of June, hosted the annual ‘Charity of Love’ Exhibition to raise money for the ‘Apostolos Pavlos’ Day-Care Centre for people with special needs. Residents and non-residents of the hotel as well as our personnel were invited to take part in the exhibition.

Lunch with «Apostolos Pavlos Centre» – 2019

On Tuesday, May 7th 2019, Napa Plaza Hotel organized the 3rd annual charity lunch for «Apostolos Pavlos Centre for Children with special needs».
The event was part of the Corporate Social Responsibility program of Napa Plaza Hotel and had immense success with around 45 children attending.
It started with sanctification from Bishop of Burundi and Rwanda Innocentios and Father Vasilios Nicolaou, followed by lunch attended by the school’s children and all the hotel employees on duty.

“Apostolos Pavlos” Centre Donation - 2018

At the end of Season 2018, Napa Plaza Hotel donated €3,500 to “Apostolos Pavlos” Centre for children with special needs, as in 2017. The fundraising was supported by the “Give from your heart” program happening in our hotel with the help of our generous guests’ donations.

Diocese of Constantia – Ammochostos Donation - 2017

As a result of the “Give from your heart” program happening in our hotel, €2,000 were donated to the Diocese of Constantia – Ammochostos. Our guests are asked to donate an amount of €2 at the end of their stay.

‘Charity of Love’ exhibition

Napa Plaza hosted today, September 27th, 2018, the annual ‘Charity of Love’ exhibition, aiming to raise money for the ‘St. Paul’ center for people with special needs. All of the hotel employees and guests were invited to join the exhibition and increase the profits.

Social Evening at Ritual Lounge Soma – 2018

A social evening for Napa Plaza hotel’s friends and associates was held on Friday, September 28th at our Ritual Lounge Soma with great success!

More than one hundred guests including local entrepreneurs, hotel managers, hotel’s suppliers, and associates, local authorities and government bodies were invited and attended the third consecutive corporate cocktail event which is part of our «Sustainability in Action Program»

Lunch with ‘Apostolos Pavlos Centre’

Napa Plaza has celebrated the new season 2018 with the annual Holy Water ceremony accompanied by a charity lunch for children with special needs from the ‘St Paul Centre’. During the lunch, the hotel staff had the opportunity to meet the children and enjoy their company. The children seemed very happy and enthusiastic during the event. In the end, everybody had a beautiful day with lots of smiles, love, and optimism.

Give from your heart

At Napa Plaza, we are proud to support our local community with the help of our generous guests through our programme “Give from your heart”.

Napa Plaza hotel donated €3,500 Euros, raised in 2017, to Apostolos Pavlos Center, which welcomes adults with special needs, and will be utilized for infrastructure services aiming at improving their everyday life.

Members of the Napa Plaza Management and Staff visited the center on the 15th of December to meet and spend quality time with residents. As our guests have shown huge support and enthusiasm towards “Give from your heart”, we are thrilled to continue the programme for the years to come.

Say No to Straws

Napa Plaza Hotel has changed its straw policy to reduce the use of plastic, by providing guests with straws only upon request.

Blood donation – 2017

As part of our commitment towards Social Responsibility, the Napa Plaza Hotel organized today a blood donation. The management and staff fully supported the cause by participating and we ensure that such initiatives take place on a regular basis and encourage all employees to contribute to giving back to society. We are very proud of the huge response from our staff and the willingness to contribute whenever an occasion arises.

LUNCH WITH “Apostolos Pavlos Center” – 2017

Napa Plaza team organized a charity meal for persons with special needs. In particular, we invited students from the School “Apostolos Pavlos Center” to have lunch with us. During lunch, we had the opportunity to meet them and enjoy their good company. They were very enthusiastic and they left the hotel with the best memories

Our kitty-cat’s adoption

Our beautiful baby girl has been adopted to Jessica & Kenny Wennesjo from Sweden. She is probably the naughtiest kitten we’ve ever had but so lovable and a real character. We will miss her so much.

Jewelry Exhibition

A jewelry exhibition was held today 21/07/2017 at the Napa Plaza Hotel to raise money for the St. Paul’s School of children with special needs. Our hotel had the pleasure to invite all customers and employees to visit the exhibition and find a wide variety of Jewellery and key rings. The profits of the exhibition will be used for the operating expenses of the school.