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Platia Meze Restaurant

Platia Meze Restaurant is a Greek and Cypriot restaurant and a fantastic place to indulge in some of the finest Mediterranean food available in the whole of Ayia Napa. Our unique modern restaurant has a great terrace and views of the 16thCentury Monastery as it sits on the edge of the Ayia Napa square. This modern Cypriot taverna has flair and is authentic in the atmosphere, but it is the delightful food that will keep you coming back for more.

Menu: Featuring imaginative and creative Greek – Cypriot Cuisine. Bites from these two cuisines in one delicious experience. For a taste of familiar Greek – Cypriot flavors, as well as new ones yet to be tried.
Hours: Open Seasonally 01/05/2019 – 31/10/2019. Every Night from 17:00 – 23:00.

Here at Platia Meze Restaurant we take full advantage of wonderful locally sourced exceptional produce that has made Cyprus famous such as traditional Cypriot halloumi, olive oil, glossy dark-skinned aubergines, pimentos, enormous red tomatoes, green and black olives, pomegranate, melons, figs, tangerines and limes that we use to make some of the tastiest selections of salads and dips that you have ever had. We have a good selection of salads ranging from a traditional Greek salad to our flavorsome Pomegranate and Rocket Salad, which are perfect for a light meal, vegetarian option or shared starter.

Cypriot cuisine has been influenced by its geographical position sitting at crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa providing Cyprus with a rich array of unique exotic flavors and a large selection of delightful dishes. Our large menu is a combination of both traditional and modern Cypriot; meat, fish and poultry dishes, made using some of the freshest seas caught sustainable fish, tastiest farm-raised poultry and succulent meat available in the Mediterranean. By sourcing locally and staying true to our heritage and culture, Platia Meze is able to serve you food that is as beautiful on the eye as it is satisfying to the taste buds. Whether it is a grilled octopus lightly drizzled with olive oil and lemon dressing or a Corfu-style baby chicken served with sage, kumquat glaze, roasted baby potatoes, and salad. You know you will leave satisfied.

You have not truly visited Platia Meze until you have experienced our 18 dishes meat MEZE or our 17 dishes fish MEZE. Traditionally, Meze is a key aspect of traditional Cypriot hospitality as Meze is an abbreviation of Mezedes, which means “little delicacies” and we do have delicacies for you! Our meat Meze consists of an array of carefully sourced pork, lamb and beef all prepared to perfection using a variety of different traditional Mediterranean techniques and accompanied by a generous selection of appetizing side dishes, including salads, vegetables, potatoes in lemon and oil, pita bread, and delightful home-made dips. Our fish meze comes complete with a perfect selection of fresh local seafood expertly prepared, fancy both try our sensational mixed meze or if you have your own favorite’s dishes you can design your own meze and enjoy the taste of Cyprus.

Platia Meze Restaurant Is able to cater for all types of social events, from business dinners to weddings and anniversaries.

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