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"Know your numbers”
Blood pressure testing (private consultation room) High blood pressure is truly a silent killer, check your numbers and get advice from the coaches on how to better yourself with relaxation, exercise and/or nutrition = Offered Free for Residents & Members

Induction to the gym = Free

1-2-1 Personal Training sessions
(qualified instructor with you at all times) A very popular service which will maximise your workout by keeping you motivated, intensity levels up and monitor your fitness level programs– 45mins = €40

1-2-1 Aqua Aerobics lessons
(Adaptable to all personal conditions, illnesses and injuries, also post surgeries) Can target specific areas or an all over body workout, without the sweat!!!– 20mins = €20 1hr Personal Exercise Programmes = €40

Consultation, Pre-exercise questionnaire, Aims and goals including fitness Test “MOT” – Includes; BMI, Strength, Cardiovascular testing, height, weight, blood pressure and body fat composition.

Personal Diet/Nutrition programmes = €40 per programme (Consultation is Free)

Re-assessment (for longer stay residents and Locals)
Evaluation of how you are getting on. And any changes to help better your workout or reach your goals = €10 per 2 weeks.

(Rates 2013)